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Virginia “Honey Bee Sanctuary”

- May 1, 2017 -

flowers for seniors

Leesburg VA Business Leader Plants “Honey Bee Sanctuary” — Yielding Cheerful Flowers for Seniors and a Learning Experience for Kids
Without honeybees, the world would be a gloomier place.
Besides brightening our environment with colorful flowers and plants, bees (and other pollinators like butterflies, birds and insects), also pollinate the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we consume every day.
According to a fact sheet released by the White House in 2014, “pollinators contribute more than $24 billion to the United States economy, of which honey bees account for more than $15 billion through their vital role in keeping fruits, nuts, and vegetables in our diets.”
In recent years, however, the survival of honey bees is more and more threatened by pesticides and loss of habitat. To prevent further loss, former President Barack Obama established a task force to promote the health of bees and other pollinators.
In accordance with these federal initiatives, a Leesburg, Virginia non-profit, the Sweet Virginia Foundation, was established to protect and preserve the local honey bee population – and to teach children about the splendor of nature and the role we play in its survival.
Dan Price, founder and CEO of the Sweet Virginia Foundation, also created the Honey Bee Sanctuary. Located on a private farm, the Honey Bee Sanctuary is a massive garden filled with rows of cheerful sunflowers, vibrant zinnias, and dazzling dahlias – and a veritable feast for honey bees.
But it doesn’t stop there.
Once the thousands of flowers have played their role in pollination, they are harvested by volunteers and delivered to local nursing homes, hospices, and the community’s homebound.
Price is also owner and president of BrightStar Care Leesburg, a fully accredited home health agency dedicated to quality home care in Leesburg, Virginia. He understands the significance of even the smallest act of kindness for seniors and those experiencing the effects of age and illness.
“We want to share the joy of our harvested flowers with our community,” explains Dan. “Our volunteers work tirelessly to gather and deliver the flowers to those who need some cheer.”
The Sweet Virginia Foundation also offers “Hive Alive”, an online curriculum filled with lesson plans and videos to help youngsters learn about – and appreciate – the role of honey bees. In addition to the in-class reading and writing activities offered, the Honey Bee Sanctuary is also open for field trips.
Above and beyond the desire to educate about the preservation of honey bees, Dan and the Sweet Virginia team have brought sunshine and smiles to countless in Leesburg, Loudoun County, and throughout Northern Virginia.

About Sweet Virginia Foundation, Inc. (SVF)
The Sweet Virginia Foundation (SVF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The foundation’s mission is to educate elementary age students on the wonder and necessity of honey bees. The foundation achieves its mission in two program areas, Hive Alive! education resources and The Honey Bee Sanctuary located on a private farm in Prince William County, VA.

Dan Price

The Honey Bee Sanctuary, a vast garden in Northern Virginia, was created to preserve and protect honey bees. Flowers are harvested and shared with the community’s seniors.