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September 2019

- September 1, 2019 -

International Honey Market Report: Import Fraud and Adulteration Continue to Undermine the Honey Industry
John Phipps – 981

Shelter Science: Overwintering Bees in Extreme Northern Conditions
R Micheal Magnini1013

Nosemosis: Part 4 of a Series
Randy Oliver1027

Development Project: Nicaragua Poverty, Unrest and Africanized Bees
Kris Fricke1035

The Importance of Mentor Programs
Darryl Gabritsch1047

Cool Chicory: The Under-appreciated “Blue Dandelion”
Charlotte Ekker Wiggins1053

Hobby Gone Huge: Ontario Flower Farmer Grows Into Commercial Beekeeper
Sylvia Dekker – 1055

Bee Underground: The Native Species Underfoot
Laura G Shields1061