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- August 1, 2023 - (excerpt)

Holbrook-Pollinator Health Study

The Apiculture Program and the Kentucky State University Pollinator Health Laboratory are conducting an in-depth survey of hives throughout the state of Kentucky in conjunction with a grant from the USDA.

Each voluntarily participating apiary with a minimum of five hives is sampled in the fall, spring, and summer. Samples are taken of capped pollen, honey, and beeswax and tested at certified laboratories to identify pesticide contamination and diseases by season and region. The results are strictly anonymous (unless requested) and meant to understand the natural stresses on bees in different geological areas of Kentucky.

Pollinator Health Laboratory Researcher and Apiculturist Kenny Holbrook is crisscrossing the state and sampling many dozen apiaries.

A young professional apiculturist, Kenny is friendly and outgoing, and freely gives a short snapshot to the owner of the health of each hive and the presence or not of a queen and a rating of her performance.

The study began last fall, with the final sample collection occurring this summer.