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October 2020 Contents

- October 1, 2020 -

Autumn Reads: Book reviews
Carol Hrusovszky and Eugene Makovec1085

The Gold Rush and the Honey Bee
Peter L Borst1097

Darwin, Design, and the Honey Bee, Part 2: The morality of the hive
Piers J. Hale1103

Questing for the Wonder Bee, Part 2: The Hilo bee project
M.E.A. McNeil1120

Refining the Mite Wash, Part 4: Comparing the release agents
Randy Oliver1127

The Small Hive Beetle in North Florida
Lee Bushong and Worrel Diedrick1139

Historical Beekeeping Photos
Peter L Borst1145

Do You Smoke? How to keep that smoker going
Tina Sebestyen1149

Monitoring Honey Bee Colony Activities with a Temperature Sensor Grid, Part 1
Frank Linton, Anna Stumme, Brett Padula, Gail Ifshin, Gregory Behrmann 1151

Honey Bee Commemorative Envelope: 40-year anniversary
Karen Nielsen Lorence1159

Should I Turn My Hobby into a Business? Some pros and cons to consider
David E. MacFawn1161