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November 2021 Contents

- November 1, 2021 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps1177

Introduction of Bee Species to the Martian Ecology
Michael Magnini1209

Stories of Beekeeping in San Diego
Peter L Borst1219

How Karl von Frisch Deciphered the Waggle Dance
Thomas D. Seeley – 1229

A Comparative Trial of the Pollen Subs 2020 — Part 5: Revisiting de Groot
Randy Oliver and Vincent Ricigliano1233

Life in the Margins: Guerrilla Gardens in the City
Peter Keilty1243

Navigating the Web: Apicultural Science and Education in the Information Age
Malcolm T. Sanford1249

Making Oxalic Acid Vaporizing Easier
Mike Haney1250

Giving Thanks for the Drone
Wes Henry1253