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November 2020 Contents

- November 1, 2020 -

Almond Pollination: When is the best time to remove hives?
Elizabeth Frost1203

Fire Siege: Tragic losses for beekeepers
M.E.A. McNeil1223

Mite Control While Honey is on the Hive, Part 1
Randy Oliver1231

Beekeeping in the United States: Samuel Wagner and the American Bee Journal
Peter L Borst1241

Revisiting Prehistoric Honey Hunting at Bicorp, Spain
Gene Kritsky1247

Wintering Bees in the Yukon
Etienne Tardif1251

Three Things: What to worry about
Lewis Cauble1255

It’s Time for the OA Drench! Here’s how
Eleanor Schumacher1259

Monitoring Honey Bee Colony Activities with a Temperature Sensor Grid, Part 2
Frank Linton, Anna Stumme, Brett Padula, Gail Ifshin, Gregory Behrmann – 1261

Isle of Hope! A wild colony beats the odds
Jeff Pettis, Joann Sy and Christian Bargain1269

Beekeeping and Survival in the Time of Corona
Peter Keilty1273