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New American Honey Queen and Princess

- April 1, 2015 -

The American Beekeeping Federation is proud to announce that Gabrielle Hemesath and Hayden Wolf were selected as the 2015 American Honey Queen and Princess at its annual January convention in Anaheim, CA.

Queen Gabrielle is the 19-year-old daughter of Mary and Russell Hemesath of Clermont, IA, and the granddaughter of Karen Hemesath of Castalia, IA, and Imedla Schmitt of West Union, IA. She is a freshman at Iowa State University, pursuing a degree in marketing. Gabrielle became interested in beekeeping at a young age and has been employed by Fassbinder Apiaries since 2008, assisting in managing 2,000 beehives. She previously served as the Iowa Honey Queen.

Princess Hayden is the 19-year-old daughter of Gus and Joanna Wolf of Big Sandy, TX. She plans to pursue a degree in nutritional science with plans to become a registered dietitian. Hayden began beekeeping through a youth beekeeping scholarship program in 2009 and now cares for more than a dozen hives with her family. She previously served as the Texas Honey Queen.

Gabrielle and Hayden will spend the next year promoting the beekeeping industry throughout the United States in a wide variety of venues, including fairs, festivals, schools, and media interviews. To schedule an appearance with American Honey Queen Gabrielle Hemesath or American Honey Princess Hayden Wolf, please contact American Honey Queen Program Chairperson Anna Kettlewell at 414.545.5514.