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National Honey Board Launches New Online Catalog

- May 1, 2016 - (excerpt)

Firestone, Colorado – The National Honey Board (NHB) announces that it has launched an online catalog for members of the honey industry. In a continued effort to provide materials to help promote honey, the NHB has made available to all industry members various materials that can be utilized to educate the general public about the story and benefits of honey. These materials are made available at little to no cost and can be displayed in storefronts, as well as at farmer’s markets and other community events.

The new online tool, found at, brings the NHB into the modern digital age by simplifying the ordering process for industry members. This new catalog offers honey industry members a visual representation of materials available with clear product descriptions and photos. Some of the items available include educational brochures, promotional items and even a newly redesigned freebie.

“We are pleased to offer this online catalog to the honey industry,” said Catherine Barry, director of marketing at the NHB. “By moving to an online system, we have streamlined the ordering process, making it as quick and easy to get materials as

While previous freebies and favorite items are still available, the NHB started off 2016 with the creation of the completely redesigned Sweet Honey Recipes for the Everyday Cook. This vibrant, accordion-style brochure features eight delicious recipes that showcase the many functions of honey in the kitchen, in a sleek new design. Sweet Honey Recipes for the Everyday Cook is available to industry members at no cost in limited quantities.

In addition to educational materials and recipe brochures, the NHB’s numerous promotional items, great for farmer’s markets and festivals, have been made available for purchase. Items include the NHB’s exclusive honey vanilla lip balms, honey bee stickers, spatulas, tumblers and honey tote bags.

Also available for the first time are the NHB’s honey bear mascot costumes. These limited edition bears were created for the NHB in 2015 and are the top of the line in mascot design. Each unit includes a battery-operated fan in the head piece, as well as underarm vents for keeping cool and comfortable at any event.

The catalog will be updated as products sell out and new products become available. For first time ordering assistance, please contact Andrea Brening, the NHB’s fulfillment coordinator at 303-776-2337.

The National Honey Board is an industry-funded agriculture promotion group that works to educate consumers about the benefits and uses for honey and honey products through research, marketing and promotional programs. For more information, visit