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May 2020

- May 1, 2020 -

Coming to America: Honey Bees in the New World — Part 2
Peter L. Borst515

Re-evaluating Varroa Monitoring — Part 3
Randy Oliver

Mind Your Own Beeswax: Let’s Talk About Synthetic Comb
John Rintoul                                                                                                           531

Queen Rearing in Smaller Operations
Tina Sebestyen533

Up on the Roof: Keeping Bees on the Chicago Skyline
Susan Sarver543

Tasting, Really Tasting Honey
M.E.A. McNeil – 549

Beekeeper-Funded Research: An Experiment to Improve Pollen Sub — Part 2
Randy Oliver555

 Feeding Pollen Substitute Without Raising Small Hive Beetles
Henry Ray Long563

 In Search of Wild Honey Bees in the Cawdor Wood, Scotland
Tom D. Seeley and Ann B. Chilcott565

Fun with Numbers: Life on the “Lazy Bee Ranch”
Charles Linder571

Honey Bee Pollination in the Pacific Northwest
Ramesh Sagili and Dewey M. Caron575

Building a Small Queen Cell Incubator
Veldon Sorensen579

The State of Honey Queen and Honey Ambassador Programs:An Update
Ryan Duggan583

Why Teach Beekeeping?
Darryl Gabritsch587