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May 2019

- May 1, 2019 -

What’s Eating My Bees? Arthropod Enemies of Bees in Greece – Part 4 – Spiders
John Phipps525

Nosema and Dysentery: Are They Really Related?
Randy Oliver547

Bee Club Activity: Making Oxalic Acid Vaporizers for About $30
Steve Winchell551

The Pesticide Situation: Part 5 — Reinventing Nature
Randy Oliver563

Equipment Downsizing: Advantages and Disadvantages
Raymond A. Nabors – 569

If Bees Could Talk: The Latest in Hive Monitoring Technology
Malcom T. Sanford – 573

The African Way: Healthy Bee Colonies and Sustainable Income Maintenance
Dr. Wolfgang Ritter, Ute Schneider Ritter, Martin Ritter and Gozde Okcu577

Honey: Older Than History Itself
Greta Burroughs583

Pollen Sources in Appalachia, July Through October
Michael Staddon589

Can We Eliminate Small Hive Beetle? Seven Years of Study
John Nenninger – 593

The Impacts of Honey Bees and Agriculture on the Surrounding Ecology
Donna Ashley595