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Table of Contents

March 2021 Table of Contents

- March 1, 2021 -

Varroa and Honey Bee Viruses — Curent Trends and Status
Adam Dolezal265

The Hive: A Groundbreaking Family Business Breaks Ground on a New Facility
M.E.A. McNeil283

Beekeeper-funded Research: A Test of Thermal Treatment for Varroa, Part 1
Randy Oliver289

The Beginnings of Scientific Apiculture
Peter L Borst301

The Dadant Deep Hive in Modern Beekeeping
Trish Harness307

Soy Bees: Growers Find Symbiotic Relationship with Beekeepers
Charlotte Ekker Wiggins313

The Value of a Good Event Speaker
Michele Colopy319

The Queen’s Bees: Beekeeping at Buckingham Palace
Richard Rickitt325

Where We Are with Florida Citrus
Seth Driskell333

No Longer Just Honey: Bee Larvae for Dinner?
Karen Nielsen Lorence337