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Table of Contents

March 2020 Table of Contents

- March 1, 2020 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps259

Australia — Paradise Lost?
Ron Miksha279

Re-evaluating Varroa Monitoring — Part 1
Randy Oliver

Drones for Drones — A New Way to Find Drone  Congregation Areas
Julia Mahood297

Maine’s Down East Wild Lowbush Blueberry Pollination
Dewey M. Caron305

Mentoring — A Tiered Approach
Tina Sebestyen317

Thermography and Beekeeping
Robyn Underwood, S. David Stupski, Kayla Heywood, Parry Kietzman319

American Beekeeping Federation Conference Wrap-up
Karen Nielsen Lorence323

American Honey Producers Conference Wrap-up
Chris Hiatt327

Questions on Amitraz
Randy Oliver331

The Snelgrove Method of Swarm Control — Part 1
Sid Lehr337

Keeping Time: Using Phenology to Keep Bees — Part 1
Michael Donihue341