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March 2019

- March 1, 2019 -

Bee Innovative: A Report on the 2019 ABF Conference
Charles and Karen Lorence – 267

Diagnosing a Dead-out
Tina Sebestyen 269

Poland, The Only Country Where Instrumentally Inseminated Queens Are Routinely Used In Commercial Production Colonies
Sue Cobey, Małgorzata Bieńkowska, Jerzy Wilde, Jakub Gąbka275

The Pesticide Situation — Part 3 — Future Directions
Randy Oliver285

Are We Talking About Pesticides Too Much?
Zac Lamas – 297

Swarm Control in Honey Bee Colonies
Peter L. Borst303

A Visit to Buckfast Abbey
Jerry Hayes307

Modern Farm Myths — Part 3 —Basic Pesticides
Charles Linder311

What Beekeepers Need to Know About Dicamba
Raymond A. Nabors Ph.D. – 321

FieldWatch: Innovative Technology for Protecting Pollinators
Stephanie Regagnon327

The “Harmless” Bait Hive
Phillip Harms331

The Beekeeping Contiuum — What’s Your Philosophy?
Robyn M. Underwood 337

What’s Eating My Bees — Part 2 — Robbers and Dragonflies
John Phipps341