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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – September 2016

- September 1, 2016 - - (excerpt)

Honey Stick and business Card combination

Honey stick business cardMy wife and I work a lot of farm markets and events, and are increasingly asked to donate honey and items for various causes. We pick and choose carefully, who we send honey, candles and mead to. The other day, our very best Market Manager, Carol Reed, asked for a donation. Fifty items. Gulp. Carol always gets what she wants, because she is the best. We threw in fifty honey sticks which was easy, and she wanted to make sure we sent along business cards. Putting the two together was a task. Glue, ribbon, tape, staple, etc; what could we do? I realized that I could punch some holes and thread each honey stick through each business card, and it would be more likely to stay put, and be read by the recipient. I had to punch each hole twice for a large enough opening. I used my heavy hole punch to punch 8-10 cards at a time. The result was pretty good. I thought that this could be a pretty good idea for our beekeeping friends, and it’s pretty cheap/inexpensive to do. It might also have other uses. Hope this helps.

Andy the Bee Guy

Photo Caption:
Honey stick and business card combination for advertising


Moving A Hive

My brother is a beekeeper and wrangler in the Bartlett, TN area. He goes by the handle “The Bartlett Bee Whisperer.” I have been at his side on many occasions photographing his adventures.

One day I was with him as he and another beekeeper were moving hives to a trailer for relocation. I took this photo and the caption came to mind as I was editing the photos.

Stephen Gloverr


Vita Releases a Varroa Infographic

Vita has created an infographic about varroa. It’s free and downloadable from the Vita Gallery. It is the second in an infographic series; the first was a Swarm Infographic.

Go to the Vita Gallery to download the Varroa Infographic

Sebastian Owen of Vita (Europe) Ltd said: “Following the very positive response to the first Vita infographic on swarms, we’ve created another. We encourage anyone to download it, print it out and use it wherever they like. Varroa is beekeepers’ greatest pest – it cannot be eliminated, but the more beekeepers know about it, the easier it will be to control.”

Sabastian Owen
Vita (Europe) Ltd.