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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – November 2017

- November 1, 2017 - (excerpt)

Berlin Rooftop Session- Save the bees

Dear Editor,

We would like to inform you about an action by the Berlin-based artist “Schlindwein”, who has performed a Rooftop-Concert between beehives, in order to draw attention to the topic of the dying of the bees and the alternative to keep bees directly in the city. He had already taken up the topic with his animated music video “Humming“, which got supported by several international organizations, films and blogs.

Video-Link “Berlin Rooftop Session – Save the bees“

Best Regards,
managing director

Honey Bee on Anise Hyssop 

My honey bees love anise hyssop (as do lots of other polliantors). My 2 x 10’ patch literally hums with buzzing life when in bloom.  I have lots of pictures of abundant pollinator life on these blooms, but this one in particular pleases me with the two different honey bees.

Connie Young,
Sykesville, MD