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June 2019

- June 1, 2019 -

Book Reviews
Carol Hrusovszky, MEA McNeil, Leo Sharashkin643

Selective Breeding for Mite-Resistance: Two-Year Progress Report
Randy Oliver653

Successful Organic Farmers: The Key to a Good Future For Beekeeping
Kirk Webster687

The Amazing Honey Bee: Dr. Tom Seeley on Bees’ Emotions, Stunning Abilities, and His New Book
Leo Sharashkin693

Beekeeping Development Project — Kyrgyzstan
Kris Fricke701

Delicious Dandelions
Charlotte Ekker Wiggins707

Managment Style Comparison: Managing for Increase or Honey Production?
Justin Kay711

Backyard Beekeepers and American Foulbrood: A Deadly Combination?
Jennifer Radtke715

Beyond Clover: Healthy Bees Eat a Balanced Diet
Eleanor Schumacher719