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January 2018

- January 1, 2018 -

International Honey Market
Ron Phipps – 23

The Slippery Life of the Small Hive Beetle
Rusty Burlew – 39

Extended-Release Oxalic Acid Progress Report #3
Randy Oliver – 45

Five Women of Iowa Share a Passion for Bees
Robert Weast – 60

Bee Vision is Totally Different
Adrian Horridge – 65

Varroa Problem—Part 14—Virus Dynamics and Treatments
Randy Oliver – 69

Cold Flying Foragers: Honey Bees in Scotland Seek Water in Winter
Ann Chilcott & Tom Seeley – 75

NMR Profiling A Defense Against Honey Adulteration
Arne Dübecke, Jane van der Meulen, Birk Schütz, Derrick Tanner, Gudrun Beckh, Cord Lüllmann – 83

Beekeeping in Liberia: An Unexpected Profession
Lorraine Mallinder – 93

Getting Started with Your First Nuc
T’Lee Sollenberger – 97