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Introducing the Christi Heintz Memorial Scholarship First Runner Up: Abigail Chapman, University of British Columbia, Awarded $15,000

- January 1, 2021 - (excerpt)

Advised by: Leonard Foster, University of British Columbia

“Collaboration is inextricably tied to beekeeping, you see it in mentorships in the way that knowledge is shared and passed down, and colleagues working together in the field …. and this much deeper sense of collaboration between the bees themselves …” — Abigail Chapman

Abbi is in her second year of graduate studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is supervised by Dr. Leonard Foster, where she started working during her Bachelor’s degree. She has always had a fascination with honey bees, but it wasn’t until joining this lab that she was able to work with them and she is incredibly grateful to all the researchers and beekeepers that she has learned from the …