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- October 1, 2018 -

Honey From The Earth - book

Eric Tourneret and Sylla de Saint Pierre

Large-format hardcover, 352 p., over 330 impressive photographs
Deep Snow Press, October 2018

The internationally acclaimed honey bee photographer Eric Tourneret spent fifteen years traveling the world to capture the breathtaking diversity of bees and beekeeping traditions on six continents.

This book has it all: Epic scenes of scaling cliffs to reach honeycombs of the giant bees in Nepal – and the truckloads of hives of commercial beekeepers in America. Artisan straw skeps in Germany, the unique honeypot ants of the Australian desert, and hives inside living trees in Russia. Honey myths in the heart of the African jungle – and moving bees by boat in Argentina. Keeping bees on rooftops in Hong Kong – and upscale honey shops in Turkey’s Istanbul. Our familiar honey bees, the most exotic stingless bees of the tropics, and much more.

This is the most stunning collection of bee photography ever produced; the French and German versions are massive bestsellers in Europe. This English edition comes with an inspirational foreword by the esteemed treatment-free beekeeper Kirk Webster, included in this issue on page 1109, and is full of insightful commentary from a dozen leading bee experts, including Dr. Tom Seeley, Dr. Jurgen Tautz, and many others.

Shot in 23 countries, Honey From the Earth is an enchanted journey to discover the sweetness and beauty of our planet, and a powerful plea to protect and restore Mother Earth. Discover the mind-boggling imagery and stories from every continent: China, the United States, Congo, India, Cameroon, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Romania, Argentina, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, France, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Mexico.

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