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Wyoming Bee College Conference

- March 19, 2016 -


Mar 19, 2016 - Mar 20, 2016    
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Laramie County Community College
310 West 19th Street #100, Cheyenne, WY

The University of Wyoming Laramie County Extension is proud to host the third Wyoming Bee College Conference at Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, WY, Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20. This is a two day, three session/day conference, cost for the conference is $75 and includes all meals, snacks and coffee/tea.
The 2016 Bee College once again has reached out to find new and inspirational speakers to take everyone to the next level of beekeeping, bring more people into the craft and help others make a business of beekeeping or just be better at keeping bees and helping native pollinating insects.
Our speakers come from various professional settings such as; university faculty, USDA research facilities and beekeepers known for their strong commitment to the craft.

All day beginning beekeeping with Dr. Carolina Nyarady DVM.
Learn about Rocky Mountain Native Bees with Dr. Michael Dillon University of Wyoming.
Raising your own Queen Bees with U of Montana?s Scott Debnam.
Winter Bee Care and Behavior with Mehmet Ali Doke of Penn State.
Building native pollinator habitat with Dorothy Tuthill.
Intensive Bee Nutrition with Dr. Zachary Haung from Michigan State University.
Find out what the National and State of Wyoming pollinator action plan is.

Contact info is Catherine at 307-633-4383
This just in, AARP members please call or email me at 6-307-633-4383.