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- March 24, 2021 -


Mar 24, 2021    
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Alternatives for Varroa Control Determinants of European Foul Brood


Dr. Sarah Wood, DVM, PhD

Host, Pathogen and Environmental Determinants of European Foulbrood Disease

Sarah is a veterinary pathologist with Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her research interests include ecotoxicology and infectious disease of honey bees.

Dr. Medhat Nasr, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Advances in Developing Alternatives for Varroa Mite Control

Dr. Medhat Nasr is a highly regarded apiculturist, educator and regulator with over 50 years of experience in both the public and the private sector. In Alberta, he served as Alberta Provincial Apiculturist from 2002 to 2019. During this period, he extended the regulatory inspection program to include applied bee research and extension activities. Before this he spent 10 years in Ontario. He was the first to introduce the concept of “Bee Tech-Transfer program” and established the first program “Ontario Bee-Tech Transfer Program” in North America as a vehicle to do applied research and directly transfer technology to beekeepers. Since then, similar programs have been established across Canada and the USA.

He graduated from Cairo University, Giza, Egypt with B. Sc and M. Sc degrees in Entomology and from University of California, Davis with a Ph. D. degree in Entomology.

Cameron Jack, Ph.D., Agricultural Lecturer and Distance Education Coordinator, University of Florida, USA

Dr. Jack’s research is focused on serving the beekeeping industry by providing practical solutions for beekeepers seeking to improve honey bee health. He teaches courses related to honey bees and apiculture at the University of Florida. His goal is to create an educational program that prepares students for the many challenges associated with beekeeping and to train those interested in entering the beekeeping workforce.

Cameron Jack is from a small town outside of Las Vegas, NV. He has been interested in beekeeping since his youth as his grandfather was a sideliner, producing honey throughout the southwestern United States.

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