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University of Illinois Bees and Beekeeping Short Course

- May 21, 2022 -


May 21, 2022    
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Lectures, hands-on workshops, and informal discussions on:
Bee Anatomy
Bee Gut Health and Microbes
Bee Diseases, Parasites and Pests
Bees and Pesticides
Bee Health
Colony Handling Techniques
Pesticides & Bees
Sting Allergies
Wild Bees of Illinois 

INSTRUCTORS: Prof. May Berenbaum, Prof. Adam Dolezal, and Members of the University of Illinois Bee Research Facility staff 

KEYNOTE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Adam Dolezal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

LOCATION: State-of-the-art classroom, laboratory, and field facilities at the University of Illinois. The Bee Research Facility has specially designed flight cages that will allow us to do hands-on bee work indoors regardless of the weather, if necessary. Those choosing to participate in the hands-on activities involving live bees must bring and wear their own protective veils, suits, or gloves. Non-participants can view from outside the flight cages. Most hands-on activities will be held outdoors at the Bee Research Facility. 

FEE: $100 includes course materials, refreshments and lunch 

DATES & TIMES: Saturday May 21, 2022, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 

REGISTRATION IS OPEN: Email: jessicaq@illinois.eduPhone: (217) 333-0966 

Payment by credit card is the only means to register for the 2022 course.

To pay by credit card, watch Facebook for link information: