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The Beekeepers of Indiana Fall Conference and Workshops

- October 29, 2021 -


Oct 29, 2021 - Oct 30, 2021    
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The Beekeepers of Indiana Fall Conference and Workshops will be held at Blue Gate Inn/PAC in Shipshewana, Indiana on October 29/30th, 2021. Our guest speakers are Ana Heck, University of Minnesota Bee Squad, and Selina Bruckner, Associate Professor at Auburn University.

Friday evening will include a presentation by Ana Heck on “Evaluating honey bee brood frames” and “Varroa Management” by Selina Bruckner, Ph.D.

Saturday’s agenda includes presentations on “The effects of neonicotinoids on honey bee workers and drones,” “How beekeepers learn and seek out information,” “Using technology to be a better beekeeper,” “Queen Issues and Events,” Honey bee pheromones” and many more.

We also have several workshops for beekeepers to get hands on experience. You can “Build your own equipment,” “Learn to light a smoker and keep it lit,” “Make your own candy boards,” How to render and use your own wax,” plus more.

We have a raffle, an auction, a honey show and a smoker lighting contest.

Cost per member is $40 and $50 for non-members. All children 15 or under may register for $25. You need to be register to attend Friday/Saturday and participate in any of the events. Juice and coffee will be available Saturday morning and your registration includes an Amish Buffet lunch.

More Information about the agenda, workshops, directions, link for hotel, etc has been posted on our website under