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Nosema: The Silent Pandemic

- September 1, 2021 -


Sep 01, 2021    
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Wednesday, September 1st at 7PM EST

Learn all about Nosema, how it affects your colonies & your control options.


 Join Dr Cameron Jack and the HiveAlive team to learn all about Nosema, how it affects your colonies and your control options. 

Cameron is an assistant professor at the University of Florida and his current research efforts are focused on honeybee epidemiology and toxicology. He has been interested in beekeeping since his youth and now teaches several courses related to honey bees and apiculture at the University of Florida. His main interest is to serve the beekeeping industry by providing practical solutions to beekeepers seeking to improve honey bee health. Cameron will discuss Nosema biology, methods of detection and the influence of honeybee nutrition on Nosema. Whether you are a new beekeeper or a more advanced beekeeper, this webinar promises to be very interesting! 

Dara and the HiveAlive team will give a quick overview of HiveAlive, its effect on Nosema and the data to support its efficacy on maintaining colony health and boosting production. Both Cameron and the HiveAlive team will be on standby after to answer any queries you may have. AND there will be spot prizes on the night so make sure you add this event to your diary! for more information