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NH/VT Workshop

- July 20, 2024 -


Jul 20, 2024    
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Beekeepers must take timely steps to control American Foulbrood and Varroa mites to SAVE THE BEES! Charles Andros, former NH/VT Apiary Inspector, will hold a beekeeping workshop from 1-3:30 PM on Saturday, July 20. The topics of discussion will be taking off and extracting honey, wax processing, queen assessment and requeening, treatment of mites and foulbrood, and making propolis tincture.  Look for the “BEE” sign on the south side of Walpole Valley Road (18 MacLean Road, 1st on right, Alstead, NH 03602) Bring a veil, if you have one, as we shall be opening some colonies. Water and sunscreen are also a plus. Registration required. Email: or call 603-756-9056.