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Kansas Honey Producers Spring Meeting

- March 6, 2021 -


Mar 06, 2021    
Please Verify Hours

Our Spring Meeting of the Kansas Honey Producers will be held virtually again.  This time we’ll try having it on a Saturday! You must register for the meeting in order to view the program at a later date.  One of our guest speakers, Dr. Samuel Ramsey has requested that his talk not be recorded so the only way to hear his presentations will be to attend on Saturday, March 6th. At this time, I believe that the other presentations will be taped and will be available for later viewing.  It would be a big help if you could register early so that you can receive the zoom link in a timely manner- probably about 36-48 hours before the meeting.

The entire program for the meeting will be listed online at
To register go to association website at  You can join or renew your membership at the same time.
Registration is $20.