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Iowa Honey Producers Association Summer Field Day

- July 15, 2017 -


Jul 15, 2017    
9:00 am - 4:15 pm


Wickiuphill Learning Center
10260 Morris Hill Road, Toddville, IA

Field Day Guest Speakers include: Dale Hill, Ph.D. from Illinois who will speak on “Nutrition for Honeybees” and “Midwest Plants for Honeybees” and Andy Joseph, Iowa’s State Apiarist, will provide an update on the state of Iowa’s honeybees.  Afternoon session topics will feature how to make flavored creamed honey and what it means to have a certified kitchen; how to assemble equipment; and how to test for mites and use of various treatment methods. Meet the American Honey Queen, Maia Jaycox and Iowa Honey Queen, Carly Vannoy. Following the sessions, stay for an on-site extraction demonstration.  This will be a full day of knowledge exchange for beekeepers of all levels. Please mark your calendar and remember to bring your bee gear.

A delicious lunch will be provided except for the dessert. YOU are asked to bring one to share!  Bottled water, honey lemonade, and coffee will be available throughout the day.

Cost for members is $35
Cost for non-members is $40
Walk-ins on day of event are charged $5 more.

For information contact Eve Vanden Broek or 515-491-6760