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Instrumental Insemination Of Honey Bee Queens Classes 2016

- March 1, 2016 -


Mar 01, 2016    
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Plan on classes in May-July

Specialized instrumental insemination classes are offered in Washington State by Susan Cobey. Individual and small classes are scheduled to provide the attention and detail required to learn the technique. Classes are intensive and geared to individual needs. Advanced classes are designed to increase efficiency and trouble shoot. Personalized classes may include specialized beekeeping practices to care for and establish IIQs. Classes are scheduled during the summer season. Please inquire for details and to book dates.

Class Requirements
Classes are designed for researchers and beekeepers involved in a breeding program or research project requiring controlled mating. A strong background in beekeeping and queen rearing is required. Virgin queens & drones, microscopes & lights are supplied for classes. Instruments and parts are available. There is no standardization in instrumentation and a variety of quality, so please inquire for an evaluation and/or upgrade of equipment, as needed. For info.,see: 

About the Instructor – Susan Cobey
An acknowledged international authority in the field of apiculture, Susan has extensive experience in bee breeding and perfecting, teaching and writing instructional material for instrumental insemination. She maintains the New World Carniolan Closed Population Breeding Program, now in its 34rd generation. Currently, she works with Washington State University?s collaborative stock improvement and maintenance program. This includes the collection and incorporation of germplasm collected from Old World European honey bees into domestic breeding stocks to enhance U.S. honey bees and the establishment of a germplasm repository at WSU.