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Honey 101: Introduction to Honey Tasting

- April 22, 2017 -


Apr 22, 2017 - Apr 23, 2017    
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

The American Honey Tasting Society (AHTS) is presenting the next Honey 101: Introduction to Honey Tasting training April 19-20 and April 22-23. Beekeeper and author Carla Marina Marchese will be leading the course with Italian colleague Gian Luigi Marcazzan, both are members of the Italian National Registry of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey.

Theses courses are intensive, full immersion training exercises in the sensory analysis of honey based upon the established methods taught at the Italian National Beekeeping Institute (CRA-API) in Bologna, Italy for more than 20 years. Attendees will learn the standard methods for tasting and evaluating honey through engaging hands on exercises.

Learn the difference between taste and flavor through sensory exercises.

  • Taste and learn about 15 important honeys, their floral sources and regions.
  • Learn how to identify 9 basic aromas and flavors families in honeys.
  • Enrich your vocabulary for honey descriptors using the honey aroma and flavor wheel.
  • Write detailed tasting notes for each honey sample.
  • Understand honey composition and properties,
  • Understand the how’s and why’s of crystallization, evaluate its qualities.
  • Learn about defects in honey, it causes and how to avoid them.
  • Best practices for harvesting, handling and storing your honey.
  • Certificate of completion awarded at the end of course.

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