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Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Virtual 14th Annual Beekeeping Workshops

- February 13, 2021 -


Feb 13, 2021    
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February 6th and February 13th, 2021

 Beekeeping Educators and Researchers to Present Virtual Courses for Experienced and Beginner Beekeepers

The Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association (EMBA) will offer two days of professional, virtual beekeeping instruction and honey bee health research presentations for beginners and experienced beekeepers, by ZOOM Webinar, on Saturday, February 6, and Saturday, February 13, 2021. Registrants may attend either or both courses for a single tuition charge of $20. Beekeeping educators and research scientists from three of the country’s foremost university extension bee labs will be among the visiting faculty.

Instructors for the experienced beekeepers’ course will include Dr. Keith S. Delaplane,  Professor, Walter B. Hill Fellow and Honey Bee Program Director, University of Georgia, and Dr. Katie Lee, Extension Educator and Researcher, University of Minnesota.

Members of the University of Minnesota Bee Lab Bee Squad will lead the beginners’ course. Instructors will include Bridget Mendel Lee, Bee Lab Team Leader, Becky Masterman, PhD., Bee Squad Instructor, and Ana Heck, Michigan State University, Department of Entomology.

The Beginner Beekeeping course will be offered on February 6. This course is intended for novice beekeepers and persons with no prior beekeeping experience. The class will cover all aspects of basic beekeeping to prepare students to start keeping bees in 2021.

The Experienced Beekeepers course will be offered on February 13. This course is intended for hobbyist, sideliner, and commercial beekeepers. The course will place special emphasis on hive management and improving honey bee health.

Registrants may attend one or both courses for one payment of $20.

EMBA supports beekeepers with a broad program of cooperative procurement and educational events throughout the year. Members may obtain complete beginner’s equipment kits, nucleus bee colonies, and queens for delivery in the spring. The Club also sponsors open hive instructional workshops and guided colony health monitoring, during the season, at the Club’s teaching apiary in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

Registration is available online at  More information is available by email to or calling 314-669-1828.