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Colorado State Beekeepers Association – Summer Bee College

- June 8, 2018 -

Date(s) - Jun 08, 2018 - Jun 10, 2018
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Garfield County Fairgrounds

Friday, June 8
Cookout at Colby Farm, meet the speakers. Free tent and van camping on the farm.

Saturday, June 9
Sam Ramsey, University of Maryland bee researcher who discovered that Varroa feed on fat bodies, not bee blood (two talks).
Bill Collins, associate chemistry professor, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO, speaking on plant-based chemicals for pathogen control.
Hillary Eales, Meadery of the Rockies, Palisade, Colorado, will explain how they magically transform honey, yeast, and water into mead, nectar of the gods.
Beekeeper classroom roundtable
General meeting
In-the-hive time – bring your veil!
Beekeepers’ Banquet: Fine dining featuring varietal honeys in every course – these gals can flat-out cook!

Sunday, June 10
Field trip to the Colorado Flat Tops to look at high-altitude bees.

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