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Colorado State Beekeepers Association Bee College & Summer Meeting

- June 12, 2020 -


Jun 12, 2020 - Jun 14, 2020    
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Man plans, God laughs. (Old Yiddish proverb.) If and only if the coronavirus pandemic dies down, the Colorado State Beekeepers Association Bee College and summer meeting will be in session June 12-14, 2020.

Friday kicks off this weekend of fun and education, with a cookout and free camping at Colby Farm.

Saturday, June 13, is the big day. MacArthur Fellow and University of Minnesota bee researcher Marla Spivak will give two talks — “A New Bee Breeding Program at the University of Minnesota” and “Landscapes for Bees.” In addition, Marla’s doctoral student Hollie Dalenberg will tell us all about her intriguing propolis research.

And that’s just the morning! After lunch we’ll pop some hive covers and start the bee rodeo! Yippie-yi-yo-kai-yay! If you want in on the fun, you’ll need spurs, and a bee veil.

We’ll have a mead-and-spaghetti banquet that evening. Sunday will offer more inside-the-hive time, plus an opportunity for Tina to run her Master Beekeeper students through their paces.

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