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Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association Fall Meeting

- October 19, 2019 -


Oct 19, 2019    
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The Meeting Place
1450 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, CO, 80503

“Celebrating Colorado’s Rich & Successful Beekeeping Heritage”

2019 Fall Meeting – October 19th

The Meeting Place

1450 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, CO 80503

Hotel accommodations will be at Courtyard by Marriott

Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association (CPBA) is proud to announce our speakers for the 2019 Fall Meeting. Tim Lawrence and Brandon Hopkins from Washington State University are coming as well as Bill Collins of Fort Lewis College in Durango. Also planned are Colorado Department of Agriculture and several other local speakers. Bill Collins will explain work he has done on propolis and its chemical properties and how this connects to new American Foulbrood and Varroa treatments from propolis. Tim Lawrence is the keynote speaker who has been keeping bees for decades so he has a wealth of information to share with us. He will also speak on the most recent work he has done.  Brandon Hopkins has been working on the indoor hive wintering project. He has been advising beekeepers on using this system. Indoor hive wintering is the biggest craze in USA beekeeping right now! Beekeepers who have mastered indoor wintering have been doing this for several years and have kept their winter loss between 4% to 8%. Within the next 10 years we may see 75% of the bees in the USA wintered indoors!

Price for the meeting including lunch is $60.  Please register by pre-paying with credit card on our website.  For more information visit the link below.  Hope to see you there for another great CPBA event!