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Beekeeping for Everyone! – WA

- July 26, 2020 -


Jul 26, 2020    
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Bee Inspired Garden
482 Burnt Ridge Road, Onalaska, Washington, 98570

In conjunction with the Third Annual AZ Hive Day, presented by

Sunday, July 26, 2020
10:00am – 3:00pm   Cost $20/person including lunch.

Bee Inspired Garden, 482 Burnt Ridge Road, Onalaska, WA, 98570

Spend a fun-filled day learning about bees and four alternative beekeeping systems with hives that anyone can handle, including those of us with physical limitations. We’ll give you a great     introduction to the fascinating hobby of beekeeping using:

Top Bar Hives

AZ Hives

Valkyrie Long Hives

Long (Horizontal) Langstroth Hives

We’ll teach you about these beekeeping systems that don’t require lifting heavy boxes – perfect for those who are unable to lift traditional American beekeeping hives, wheelchair beekeepers, and urban beekeepers who choose to keep a low profile with their neighbors.

Speakers will demonstrate (bee free!) each hive and discuss their advantages. Over a delicious lunch, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people concerned with the fate of our pollinators and explore what you can do to help.

In addition, tour Bee Inspired Garden’s demonstration pollinator habitat designed to educate the public concerning the critical role pollinators play in our lives and economy while promoting the conservation of forage and habitat.

With our (October 2019) planting of 2 acres of pollinator friendly wildflowers/clovers and our (February, 2020) establishment of a 1200 tree and shrub pollinator hedgerow, we are demonstrating ways to increase wildlife corridors, provide forage and nesting sites for birds and extend the bloom season for all types of pollinators.

For more information and payment process, please see: or text your interest to: Kay Crawford at 360-880-0663.

Make it a weekend!  On the day before (Saturday, July 25th) join our neighbor Burnt Ridge Nursery for a two hour farm and nursery tour of their 20 acres of organic fruit and nut trees. Led by their founder, Michael Dolan, you will learn about  cultivation and propagation techniques and taste their delicious jams and preserves.  Advance tickets should be purchased at, by calling our office at 360-985-2873, or in person at the Olympia Farmers Market.

Lodging  You are welcome to dry camp (no hookups) with your RV at Bee Inspired Garden the night of July 25th (no tent camping please). *Please leave your dogs at home for both events and camping (leashed service dogs welcome).