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Arizona State University – Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees

- April 4, 2020 -


Apr 04, 2020 - Apr 05, 2020    
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What you’ll learn:

The most important member in a honey bee colony is the queen. A colony needs a good quality queen to be strong and productive. In Arizona conditions queens can live up to two years, however, due to the climate, she begins to lay fewer fertilized eggs after one year. Colonies can rear their own replacement queens, but this may result in a colony becoming Africanized as these colony-reared queens may mate with feral drones. In this course beekeepers will get hands-on experience learning instrumental insemination techniques. Knowledge of instrumental insemination will equip beekeepers to select the exact queen and drones to establish a healthier, productive and more stable colony. Mastery of instrumental insemination will also allow a beekeeper to rear quality queens and drones from select breeder colonies whenever needed.

  • An introduction to the tools and process of instrumental insemination
  • Understanding the importance of honey bee queens and how to raise them
  • The importance of drones and how to raise them
  • How to collect semen from drones
  • How to inseminate queens
  • How to evaluate insemination success and the quality of the inseminated queen


Who this course is designed for:

This class is designed for hobby beekeepers, experienced beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, and bee researchers. A background in beekeeping and queen rearing is preferred. Virgin queens and drones will provided.


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