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Annual Beekeeping Workshops and Banquet – Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association

- February 8, 2019 -


Feb 08, 2019 - Feb 09, 2019    
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Maritz Theater
1400 South Highway Dr., Fenton, MO, 63099

The Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association (EMBA) will offer a full day of professional beekeeping instruction and honey bee research for beginners and experienced beekeepers on Saturday, February 9, 2019, at Maritz in Fenton, Missouri. Registrants are encouraged to attend the Annual EMBA St. Louis Beekeepers Mardi Gras Banquet the evening before the workshop on Friday, February 8, at Maritz.

Leading beekeeping educators, honey bee research scientists and authors from Agriculture Canada Beaverlodge Research Farm, Oregon State University, the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, and Bee Culture magazine, will be among the visiting faculty leading the workshops.

Instructors will include Kim Flottum, author and Senior Editor of Bee Culture magazine, Stephen Pernal, PhD., Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s lead scientist specializing in honey bee research, Andony Melathopoulos, PhD., extension pollinator specialist at Oregon State University, Becky Masterman, PhD., University of Minnesota Bee Lab Team Leader, and Ana Heck, Minnesota Bee Lab Bee Squad Instructor,

The Experienced Beekeepers course will be tailored towards intermediate and expert level beekeepers and will place special emphasis on hive management and honey bee health issues.

The Beginners Beekeeping course is intended for novice beekeepers and persons with no prior beekeeping experience. The class will cover all aspects of basic beekeeping to prepare students to start keeping bees in 2019.

Tuition for the workshop is $85 per person if registered by January 20, 2019. Tuition is $95 per person for those registering on or after January 21. Banquet registration costs $30. Banquet registration closes February 3rd.

Lunch and refreshments are included with the workshop. Registration packets will include course materials, an authoritative reference book, beekeeping periodicals, and equipment catalogs.

The Friday evening banquet features New Orleans style food and music, a cash bar, door prizes, including nucs, queens and beekeeping equipment, and a keynote speaker. The cost of the banquet is in addition to the workshop. For more information, visit

Equipment vendors include representatives of Dadant & Sons, Isabees, and others.

EMBA supports beekeepers with a broad program of cooperative procurement and educational events throughout the year. Members may obtain complete beginner’s equipment kits, nucleus bee colonies, and queens for delivery in the spring. The Club also sponsors open hive instructional workshops and guided colony health monitoring, during the season, at the Club’s teaching apiary in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

Registration is available online at

More information is available by email to or calling 314-669-1828.