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9th Annual Austin Beekeeping Seminar

- January 4, 2020 -


Jan 04, 2020    
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The Marriott La Frontera
2600 La Frontera Blvd, Round Rock, Texas, 78681, Williamson County

When: January 4th, 2020
Who: Austin Area Beekeepers Association
Where: The Marriott, La Frontera, 2600 La Frontera Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78681
Cost: $75
Questions: Lance Wilson

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Why: The mission of this daylong seminar is to educate people of all experience levels in sustainable science-based bee husbandry and to provide support to worthy bee charities. Most of the proceeds are donated to the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab, the Texas Beekeepers Association Queen’s Program, the Texas Master Beekeeping Program and other bee health causes.

Description: This is a daylong seminar offering seven different educational presentations running concurrently every hour throughout the day. This will provide many beginning and advanced subjects to choose from. A separate beginner track has been formatted covering a variety of startup topics for soon-to-be or very-new beekeepers. A beginner beekeeper will learn the fundamentals of honey bee biology and behavior, how to select the equipment you will need, where to buy bees, how to set up your apiary, how to light a smoker, feeding, the fundamentals of honey extraction, queen finding, requeening and annual management.


Professor Juliana Rangel – Entomology at Texas A&M

Blake Shook- President of the Texas Beekeepers Association

Mary Reed – Texas Apiary Inspector

Mark Hedley – Owner of Spiral Horn Apiary

Pierre Lau- Ph.D. Student of Entomology Texas A&M

Robin Sliva- Hill County Beekeepers Association President

Ryan Giesecke – Trinity Valley Beekeepers President

James & Chari Elam – Owners of Bluebonnet Beekeeping

Dodie Stillman – Certified Texas Master Beekeeper

Terry Spencer- Vice President of the Austin Beekeepers Assoc.

Karl Acuri – Austin Area Beekeepers Assoc. (Co-Organizer)

Brandon Fehrenkamp – Owner of Austin Bees

Pamela Yeamans – Certified Advanced Level Beekeeper (TMBP)

Ashley Ralph – Area Director Texas Beekeepers Assoc.

John Swan – Owner of Wicked Bee Apiary

Dennis Herbert – Past Pres. of the Bell-Coryell Beekeeping Assoc.

Tara Chapman- Owner of Two Hives Honey

Lance Wilson – Certified Master Craftsman Beekeeper (GMBP)

Other Sessions will include:

-Honey Bee Management Advanced

-Nutrition Management

-Honey Bee Biology and Behavior

-Top Bar Management 1 and 2

-Effective Varroa Management for Robust Populations

-Brood Disease and Pest Control

-Swarm Capture Techniques

-Raising Queens

-How to Grow Your Apiary Business

-Successful Sales and Marketing

-Bees as an Ag. Exemption

-Honey Bee Reproductive Biology

-Making Splits


-Smoker Lighting Demo

-Varroa Monitoring Workshop

-Queen Management

-Reproductive Biology

-Africanized Bees

-Honey Bee Pheromones

-Harvest Economics

-Wax Working Workshop