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2024 ABF Conference and Tradeshow in New Orleans

- January 9, 2024 -


Jan 09, 2024 - Jan 13, 2024    
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2024 will hold many surprises at the ABF Conference and Tradeshow in New Orleans, beginning on Tuesday, January 9 and ending on Saturday January 13. Our Keynote Speakers, Dr. Samual Ramsey and Dr. Frank Rinkevich, will be giving us the latest information about the dreaded T-mite (tropilaelaps mite) and varroa mite.

Changes this year will be a three-track schedule, each track targeting a different sector, meals in the evening and ending with hive inspection at the zoo on Saturday, weather permitting. We have arranged for special tours on Monday for those that want to come early.

Watch our website for more information and registration