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2023 Michigan Spring Beekeeping Conference

- March 11, 2023 -


Mar 11, 2023    
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MSU Kellogg Center, East Lansing, MI           

Sponsors: Michigan Beekeepers Association & Michigan State University Extension

*Keynote: David Peck, Director of Research and Education, Betterbee
*Multiple tracks for beginners
*All-day track on sustainable beekeeping
*Beeswax crafts
*Presenters include: Meghan Milbrath, Mel Disselkoen, James Lee, Adam Ingrao
*The best local vendors for all your beek needs
*Melliferous tree program

Pre-conference virtual keynotes: March 2 – Marla Spivak; March 7 – Frank Rinkevich/USDA; March 9 – Randy Oliver

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