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2019 WVBA Spring Conference

- March 15, 2019 -


Mar 15, 2019 - Mar 16, 2019    
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March 15, Friday

1:00-4:00: Master Beekeepers Program Testing

7:00 -8:00: Hive Nutrition by Andrew Wagner


March 16, Saturday

8:00-8:30: Registration

8:30-9:00: Welcome

Kent Leonhardt, Commissioner
Dr. Ruth VanDevender
Wade Stiltner, Retiring State Apiarist

9:00-10:00Main speaker

John Skinner
Pollination, the Grand Interaction Among Flowers, Bees, Growers and Beekeepers.



Petra Ahnert Beehive Alchemy
Beeswax candle making:
  Need some help troubleshooting a beeswax candle that doesn’t burn right?
Want advice on wicking? Need help finding the right supplies?

Mark Lilly -Becoming a Master Beekeeper
What to study and know to start on the track for becoming a Master Beekeeper.

Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans with salad bar and dessert.


Petra Anhert Beehive Alchemy-Soap Making
Afraid to work with lye? Have ideas, but don’t know where to start? Not sure about ingredients?

John Skinner  -The Better Understanding  of Honey Bee Swarming and How to Avoid Swarming

2:35-4:00: Workshops

Beehive Alchemy-   by Petra Anhert  -Body Care and Cosmetics
Want to try making a lotion, but don’t know where to start?
Want to make a salve, but need help with formulation?
Need ideas on equipment and ingredients?

John Skinner  -Queen Breeding and Rearing-functional genetics, process of selection and pitfalls to avoid

4:00: Closing and Door Prizes