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December 2021 Contents

- December 1, 2021 -

The Honey Jar: More on that Treasure from the Pyramids
Peter L Borst1305

COLOSS Virtual Meeting for 2021
Malcom T. Sanford – 1323

A Comparative Trial of the Pollen Subs 2020 — Part 6: Do We Need to Revise de Groot?
Randy Oliver1331

Integrated Pest Management for Honey Bees Against Varroa destructor
Tina Sebestyen1341

Maasai Honey
Peter Keilty1349

Navigating the Web: Apicultural Science and Education in the Information Age
Malcolm T. Sanford1353

Indoor Honey Bee Feeder
Frank Linton 1355

Feelings, Priorities, and the Joy of Beekeeping
Peter Grayman 1357