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December 2020 Contents

- December 1, 2020 -

Time Warp: Cryopreservation of Honey Bee Germplasm Part 1: The drone contribution
M.E.A. McNeil1307

Running Interference: RNAi and the promise of healthy bees
Bill Hesbach1315

A Zooming Success in Georgia
Jonathan Hayes and Linda Tillman1333

Honey Skep Cakes: An Eastern European holiday tradition
M.E.A. McNeil1340

Mite Control While Honey is on the Hive, Part 2
Randy Oliver1349

Ellen Tupper, the Iowa Bee Queen
Peter L. Borst1363

Does Locally Sourced Honey Alleviate Seasonal Allergies? The research is inconclusive
Andrew Bauer 1369

Monitoring Honey Bee Colony Activities with a Temperature Sensor Grid, Part 3
Frank Linton, Anna Stumme, Brett Padula, Gail Ifshin, Gregory Behrmann1373

Memphis Medical Startup Heals with Honey: Product bioengineered for chronic or acute wound care
Justin Stokes1379

Oregon Master Beekeeper Anna Ashby Brings Honey to Resort’s Table
Dewey M. Caron1383