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- October 1, 2022 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps1063

Autumn Reads: Book Reviews
Carol Hrusovszky and M.E.A. McNeil – 1077

A Year As a Commercial Beekeeper — October
Charles Linder – 1085

Colony Confidential … What Really Goes on Inside the Hive Chapter 9: A Chance Meeting
Peter Keilty, with illustrations by Bridget White – 1098

Formic Pro In Hot Weather: Slowing the rate of vapor release
Randy Oliver – 1103

Balancing Bees and Babies
Sylvia Dekker1108

Beekeeping in Galicia
Peter L Borst1115

Tracking the Varroa Incursion Into Australia
Robert Owen1129

Golden Moments at the Illinois Honey Show
Steve Hinrichs – 1136

Sister Hives
Oliver Doyle – 1145

Summer Farm Internship: Sustainability Begins with Bees
Ana McCabe – 1149