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Contents – October 2021

- October 1, 2021 -

New Changes to the Oxalic Acid Label
Randy Oliver1061

Book Reviews: Autumn Reads
Tina Sebestyen, Craig Soderberg, Eugene Makovec – 1077

Sideliners Pool to Pollinate Almonds
Mary and Bill Weaver1089

Yukon Honey Origins Study — Part 1
Etienne Tardif1099

A Comparative Trial of the Pollen Subs 2020 — Part 4: Why Did Some Subs Outperform Others?
Randy Oliver1123

Observations on Pollen Subs — Part 3: Placement of the Pollen Patty
Randy Oliver1127

Double-Edged Swords
Marla Spivak1135

Review of the Bacterial Gut Microbiota of Apis mellifera
Tim Martin1137

The Benefits of Providing Good Hive Insulation but No Upper Entrance in Winter
John A. Gau – 1141

New Uses for Queen Excluders
Mike Haney1145

Rehabilitation in Isolation: One Man’s Mission to Save a Killer
Peter Keilty1147