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- October 1, 2019 -

Suspended Bear Fence for the Hobbyist
Joseph A May1113

Honey Bees Never Cease to Amaze: Buttress Combs
Al Avitabile1121

Nosema — Monitoring and Disinfection – Part 5 of a Series
Randy Oliver1135

Preparing Your Bees for Winter
Travis Owen1139

The Sunflower State Is Abuzz: Tourists flock to fields of flowers — and bees
Cheryl Burkhead1151

The Vermont Certified Beekeeper Program
Melissa Moore1155

Survey Says … Using Citizen Science to Understand New Hampshire Winter Hive Loss
Heather Achilles – 1159

Dealing with Loss: Losing a Colony for the First Time
Suzanne D Cohen1165

From the Archives: The Alarming Decline of the Bee Population in the United States
Richard C Potter1169