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Contents – November 2023

- November 1, 2023 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps1169

The Discovery of Yellow Legged Hornets in Georgia
Julia Mahood1187

Wild Honey Hunters
Peter L Borst1195

Apimondia 2023 in Santiago — 230 speakers, 120 vendors, and not nearly enough time
Kris Fricke1201

The Traveling Road Show
Tina Sebestyen1209

Research Lab Spotlight: The Auburn University Bee Lab
Alison McAfee1211

Varroa, BIP, EPA and the Industry in General
Charles Linder1215

Food 4 Farmers: Good Food Every Day for Coffee-farming Families
Juliana Rangel and Marcela Pino1227

Queen Selena Speaks for Bees Across America
Steve Hinrichs1231

Drones and Varroa, Part 2
Randy Oliver1235

The Path of Most Resistance: An interview with queen breeder Cory Stevens, Part 2
James Lee and Matthew Kobe1249

A Visit to the Legendary Beehives in Elmalı, Turkiye
Prentiss de Jesus1255

In Business with Bees: Grant allows teen entrepreneur to honor her father’s beekeeping legacy
Kelsey D. Gerhardt1259