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Contents-May 2024

- May 1, 2024 -

A Field Trial of Probiotics, part 2
Randy Oliver – 481

The Dynamics of Honey Bee Flight
Bill Hesbach – 496

Let’s Throw a Bee!
Peter L Borst – 501

Having It Your Way in a HOA
Peter Keilty – 519

Rescuing Plastic Foundation
Wes Henry – 521

Revealing Hygienic Behavior with UBeeO
Tine Sebestyen – 525

Beekeeping it Safe
Elaine Timm – 529

New Insights from a Greek Amphora from the Etruscan City of Vulci
Gene Kritsky and Jessee J. Smith – 533

Bee Counter Design to Reduce Counting Errors and Facilitate Validation
David Atauri Mezquida – 539

Why Does This Honey Taste Different? And how could this affect global markets?
Sofía De León Guedes – 548

The Seven Methods of Minimal Disturbance
Jonathan Adam Hargus – 553

Controlling Increase, etc. — the Demaree method of swarm control
From the Archives – 557