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Contents May 2023

- May 1, 2023 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps483

Justin Schmidt (1947-2023): The Man Who Was Stung for Science
M.E.A. McNeil507

 Why Aren’t We Sampling Drones? As preferred hosts, they can serve as an early-warning system for varroa infestation
Zac Lamas515

A Study on Bee Drift and Mite Immigration — Part 4
Randy Oliver519

A Year as a Commercial Beekeeper — May
Charles Linder525

Cuban European Honey Bees are Calm, Productive and Varroa Resistant
Stephen Martin, Anais Luis and Adolfo Pérez Piñeiro529

Natural Beekeeping: A Response
Jeremy Barnes533

Honey Bee Pedigrees
Peter L Borst541

Buying Bees in 2023 — Just What Is It We’re Selling?
Charles Linder557

Queen Replacement Guide, Part 4
Jake Barker559

Concepts and Methods for the First-time Queen Rearer, Part 2
MiKayla Henry564

Thai Basil Stands Out in the Beekeeper’s Yard
Steve Hinrichs569

Secrets of Beekeeping
Andy Hemken571