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Contents – May 2021

- May 1, 2021 -

What Does the New Oxalic Acid Exemption Mean?
Lewis Cauble493

Medicinal Honey for Animals: What We Know and What More We Need to Know
M.E.A. McNeil507

Beekeeper-funded Research: A Field Trial of Probiotics
Randy Oliver521

Queen Supersedure — Caused by Queen Pheromone or Brood Pheromone?
Eric Talley525

von Frisch Cracks the Code
Peter L Borst531

Tradition vs. Change: In Defense of Traditional Beekeeping in Africa
Lloyd Ziegler537

From Sideliner to Full-time: How One Iowa Beekeeper Successfully Made the Switch
Mary and Bill Weaver545

Need a Queen? Try the Hopkins Method
Joe Conti551

Build a Bucket Feeder for Bees
Tina Sebestyen555

Follow That Bee! A Birthday Comic for Dad

Hungary, the Land of “Acacia” Honey
Mihaly Hevesi561

An Intermediate-level Bee School in Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Ed Szymanski565

Tips for Struggling Bee Clubs
Charlotte Ekker Wiggins – 569

From the Archives:
Langdon’s Non-Swarming Arrangement – 571