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Contents- March 2024

- March 1, 2024 -

International Honey Market Report
Ron Phipps                                                                                      241

Division of Labor in a Colony: Who does What?
Part 1: Early life and the teenage days
Kayla deJong                                                                                  261

The Lowdown on Louisville: NAHBE 2024
Tina Sebestyen                                                                              265

All the Jazz about Bees: ABF 2024
Karen J. Nielsen Lorence                                                        269

Experimenting with Formic Acid
Randy Oliver                                                                                 274

A commercial perspective … Spring Management Planning
Charles Linder                                                                             287

Self-organization and collective behavior n
honey bee colonies, Part 2
Frédéric Eggers de Villepin                                                   295

Ora et Labora: Mr. Ed’s prayer and work with bees
Kelsey Gerhardt                                                                          300

Of Selfies and Superblooms
Peter Keilty                                                                                    311

To Bee or Not to Bee: A Review of “Plant-based Honey”
Made without Bees
James A. Naeger                                                                         315

Easy Watering System for Backyard Honey Bees

Brad Sumter and Steve Pilcher                                           319

Swarm Traps Made Simple
John Schellenberger                                                                 321